Aime Skincare

You Glow Girl

I’ve been asked by the successful entrepreneur (Birchbox) and beauty blogger Mathilde Lacombe to work on her new project : Aime, a beauty supplements company. I created a special font for the logo “aime” and the secondary logo “m”. Both had to be totally different but equally strong and recognizable. The brand had to look elegant and modern. We picked a high end color palette for the packaging. The addition of the bronze foiling gave the final design a sharp touch.

I also conceived the main taglines for the brand : “You Glow Girl”, “Glowria (it’s working)” and “Glowrious Day”. These are now used as hashtags on social networks and on the website and prints. To push forward these catch phrases, I declined as well printed stickers and animated gifs specially designed for Instagram stories.

Photo Credits ©Aime