L’indispensable Casquette

Ayma was launched by two French entrepreneurs, Aymeric and Thomas. This new cap company is the encounter of New-York’s and Paris. NY for inspiration, Paris for the elegance. They contacted me to create the visual identity. Even if the brand name was definitive, they still were unsure about the logotype. They were looking for an animal. A city animal which could be the link between New-York and Paris, the link between their two names (forming the brand’s name) and which would look good enough embroidered on a cap. It was time to “make the pigeon great again” as he is the ultimate city bird. It was a challenging experience but I managed to propose, after a few tries, a graphic and sophisticated pigeon. I also designed an original font for the logo. I conceived the letters so their serif would match the bird’s beak.

Ayma will be launching the 14.01.19.


Photo Credits ©Ayma