Le Grand Dictionnaire

Art Direction

I only had the restaurant’s name as a brief : Le Grand Dictionnaire based on Alexandre Dumas’ food dictionary. From there, I was asked to create not only the visual identity, but the ambient as well : decoration, frames, plants, front widows display. It was an amazing challenge.

To balance a “pompous” name, I’ve chosen to hand illustrate the logo so the restaurant would appear more accessible. I’ve kept the illustrations through all the artistic direction. The food had to be in the center of everything. Le Grand Dictionnaire is about a short menu : few product, carefully picked, with the right cooking. So I’ve decided to illustrate some of these products and framed them from the wall to the toilets’ door.

As I could offer content as well, I’ve written four sentences, enlightening  Le Grand Dictionnaire‘s offers through a sophisticated wording and layout.