Les Candides

Manal and Olivia had at heart to create a brand of natural cosmetic products. Products that could be used by all the family members, from the more sensitive skin to the most dry skin. The name Candide, inspired by Voltaire’s famous novel was to reflect the infinite trust one could place into their brand. Each character stands for a skin type : the Ingenu for the sensitive skin, Olympe for the dry ones. The names are inspired by the novel. To stay into the 18th century spirit, I decided to work from old black & white illustrations and to mix them with colored ingredients’ illustrations. To twist this brand a bit, every character was created with a funny side. This twist can be recognizable as well through all the digital communication. I imagined a way to mock the complicated (and incomprehensible) ingredients names but replacing them outside their usual context. Find examples on their instagram.


Photos Credits @lisaaraio et @simonelanemone