Les Petits Culottés

La French Couche

Did you know that diapers were full of shit? This could have the been the first sentence of this amazing branding project I worked on in 2018. I was very lucky to get so much creative freedom which allowed me to really push the concept as far as I hoped.

I was contacted by Matthieu and Johan to develop the new face of French organic diapers. As we were bringing something new to the table with these ecological, endocrine disruptor free and made in France diapers, the result had to look natural, clean and innovative. No more creepy baby faces on the packaging. I created 5 jungle animals, one for each diapers size, from the small Ouistiti to the tall girafe. They all had to look funny to match their name “Les Petits Culottés” (name that I suggested). I came out as well with the main tagline “La French Couche”.

To go further in the jungle/natural spirit, I developed a colorful original pattern to be printed on the diapers. We made a special effort in finding the best colors for this kind of impression. It was definitely worth it. We worked as well on a cute naming “petit bidou” (tiny belly) to help parents locate the diaper’s front.

My work also included most of the content existing on the back of the packaging. As for the one present on the “testing kit”, its flyer and most of the website’s copy lespetitsculottes.fr. It was really important for me to insert surprises and funny quotes in unexpected places, let’s say amongst scientific explanations. I believe it makes a great difference between one brand and an other. For instance, on the back of each packaging, you can read a fun fact about the animal present on the front.

I illustrated, not only the packagings but the website as well and 4 teasing videos. I imagined 3 short stories around the brand’s main claims : endocrine disruptor free, made in France and a 12 hours “water” resistance. Here is the 4th video, explaining all the benefits of the short chain supply (one of the brand strongest skill). For each video, I presented various sketched storyboard, before the final drawings for the final animation (motion design by François Quillard).

And finally, I conceived the website design which reunites my illustrations, content and layout (website development by 23prod).


Photo Credits ©Les Petits Culottés