Les Petites Choses

Ouate is love

The same team behind Les Petits Culottés’ project, contacted me again for their new big launch. After the endocrine protector free diapers, it was time for sanitary towels and tampons! They chose the name “Les Petites Choses” in order to keep the same initials as “Les Petits Culottés”. More than just a period’s meaning, the name refers to all the feelings and advices, women can exchange on important and personal subjects. The brief was to show, as much as possible, the natural of the products. We decided to use kraft texture as a background and illustrate the coton flowers. Two main colors were chosen : green for tampons, pink for pads. Each color segmented in 3 shades according to blood flow. Once more, I participated in the packaging content with claims like “Sang pour sang biodégradable” or “Ouate is inside?”